Premium dentistry for those caring for the needs of others

We Serve Those Who Serve

We provide advanced dental services to those who have limited or no dental insurance–specifically those employed by community-based nonprofits. We are proving dentistry can be done better and made accessible to those who need it.

We have unique opportunities for like-minded donors to make a difference

Community of Smiles Outreach brings together philanthropists, granting organizations, nonprofits, the business community, providers, educators, and dental equipment manufacturers and dealers to provide funding for dental offices and for individual care for those who would not have access to dental care otherwise


Our innovative business model is expanding our positive impact on our community

Our sustainable and replacable two-chair dental office and service model provides comprehensive dental services at a signigicantly lower rate (paid by the patient, their insurance or a sponsor) for up to 1500 patients per year.

A better dental experience is available to you

If you do not currently have dental coverage or would like an improved dental experience than is offered by your current provider, we invite you to take advantage of our special programs.

Comprehensive Dental Care

We are committed to leading out the charge in comfortable dentistry by utilizing the latest in dental technology to best serve our patients.

Free Advanced Procedures

Patients can volunteer to be part of 3D INfusion Dental School’s world-class dental education program and receive costly reconstructive dental procedures using the latest dental technology from licensed dental students for free.